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MajorHouse Committee Report
MinorHouse Committee Substitute
MinorEngrossed Rider(s)
MajorEngrossed Version
MajorSenate Committee Report
MinorLocal & Uncontested Calendar Request
MinorSenate Committee Hearing Transcript
MinorSenate Committee Substitute
MajorSenate Corrected Committee Report
MinorNotice of Intent
MinorSenate 2nd Reading Amendment(s)
MinorSenate 3rd Reading Amendment(s)
MinorCaption Conformity Motion
MinorHouse Senate Amendment(s) Printing
MinorCorrected Senate Amendment(s) Printing
MinorHouse Conference Committee Report
MinorSenate Conference Committee Report
MajorFinal Conference Committee Report
MajorEnrolled Version
MinorBill Back
MinorHouse Joint Author Form(s)
MinorImpact Statement(s)
MinorEnrolled Vote Tally
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